What is Slow Food?

A recent social post by Slow Food Noosa “Go Slow in your community”  prompted me to write this blog about how and why we have become involved in the Slow Food Movement.

When we first heard about Slow Food Noosa, we had no idea that it was part of a worldwide movement. Initially, with our lack of knowledge we didn’t listen, and it wasn’t until we had met members of the Noosa group at tourism industry networking events that we started to relaise this is a movement we should be involved in. So, we joined as individuals and after our commercial kitchen was open, we asked if Amamoor Lodge could be accredited.

Good, Clean and Fair

By then we had learnt Slow Food promotes “good, clean and fair food”. What does this mean?

  • GOOD covers how food tastes and looks, it also refers to cultural and seasonal aspects
  • CLEAN is not about washing your lettuce before serving but is goes back to the whole food journey from a seed or animal birth through production and process and travel to ensure that all steps are not detrimental to the planet or animals or our health
  • FAIR is about the people and business of food; are conditions and pay appropriate?

Like us, you are probably saying yes – we support these principles; we want good, clean, fair food too. You may also be concerned that you are not sure how to ensure that food is “slow” or that sometimes you slip up and buy something that has come from a million miles away. Slow Food principles make us aware of food sources. Telling food stories moves us and guests, towards better practices. May not be all the  time, but for more of the time. This will be will be good for the planet and humanity.

… and Slow

The slow food movement started in Italy in 1986 in response to a demonstration on the intended site of a McDonalds on the Spanish Steps in Rome. The movement became international a few years later. Slow food is about enjoying good food with friends and family rather than eating quickly on the go.

Snail of Approval 2020

We were first assessed in 2018 and because of our commitment and general adherence to good, clean and fair food we have now been awarded our Slow Snail of Approval for past three years. This makes us proud! And we are very happy to share our food stories with you when you visit.

In future blogs we will tell the stories of some of the producers who supply us with awesome products. But for this piece, we tell you how we involve our guests in the slow food community:

  • We have communal tables for our B&B guests and for our occasional food events – you can share stories with us and with our other guests
  • We attend events held by other slow food members in our area
  • We shop locally and know (and are known by) local producers which gives us the opportunity to share their food and their stores with you.
Slow Food Noosa Facebook PostScreen shot: Facebook – Slow Food Noosa Post 12 Feb 2020

Looking forward to serving you slow food soon. In the meantime you can lean more about the Slow Food movement locally from http://www.slowfoodnoosa.com/ and globally from https://www.slowfood.com/